Logos not showing

Hello, on my newly created discourse forum, I tried inserting my logos through the Branding section. And after setting the logo, logo small and favicon, none of them are visible on the site :confused:

Can you help me ? ty :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to your forum?

for now it’s a private forum as we’re setting up the site before launching it. However, here’s a screenshot

i’m upping this post :melting_face:

Please don’t do that.

I’m afraid a screenshot is not enough to help you.

Do you see an attempt of loading the logo in your network tab?

I see you have set up the forum without a public DNS. Is the forum able to access itself by its own hostname?

yeah, the failed GET requests are png files

I think that might be the problem


i’ll see with the person handling the hosting then i’ll come back to update :face_in_clouds:

From the first screenshot it seems to be accessible (but behind an apache auth), it might also be a force https / certs related problem, from the broken padlock ?

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omg that just did the trick :smiling_face_with_tear: ty very much !!


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