How to add image to Welcome PM

Hey folks,

Need some help with the syntax to add an image to the Welcome PM. Thanks for the help.

Upload the image to your Assets for the site design topic, then add its markdown code to the welcome message. The code will look similar to this:


Since discourse no longer ships with this topic, one might add that uploading to any topic will do.

I wonder, though, what happens if that topic gets deleted? Will the images in that topic still be accessible. If not, it is probably a good idea to create a dedicated topic “Assets for site design” if you are on a newer instance.


Good point, @tophee. I forgot about the change for assets.

These settings govern if and how long an unreferenced image will persist:

clean up uploads
Remove orphan unreferenced uploads to prevent illegal hosting.

purge deleted uploads grace period days
Grace period (in days) before a deleted upload is erased.

clean orphan uploads grace period hours
Grace period (in hours) before an orphan upload is removed.

However, I don’t know if having the image referenced in the “Welcome” topic counts as a reference.

More in this topic:

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Lucky for me (in this instance) my version is an older one. I’ll have to remember to keep an eye on that once we upgrade to the latest release.

Thanks for the discussion!

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No, your Assets topic will never be removed. It’s only new installs that won’t get it in the first place.


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