"Welcome to our community!" Missing image

I have created a vanilla forum. In the “Welcome to our community!” community there is a link back to this image


And its is not on that location…

The first paragraph of this pinned topic will be visible as a welcome message to all new visitors on your homepage. It's important!

**Edit this** into a brief description of your community:

- Who is it for?
- What can they find here?
- Why should they come here?
- Where can they read more (links, resources, etc)?

<img src="/images/welcome/discourse-edit-post-animated.gif" width="508" height="106">

You may want to close this topic via the admin :wrench: (at the upper right and bottom), so that replies don't pile up on an announcement.

I think I’m seeing this on my test site too:

I wonder where that’s gotten too? :thinking:

Not here either :slight_smile:

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Are you on latest? That copy has changed recently.

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FWIW I’ve just gone to /admin/customize/site_texts and used the ‘Replace Text’ option to pull in the latest Welcome message copy, and that seems okay. :+1:



And by the way here you have a danish translation

Vi er så glade for, at du er blevet medlem hos os.

> ## %{site_title}
> %{site_description}

Her er nogle ting, du kan gøre for at komme i gang:

:speaking_head: **Præsenter dig selv** ved at tilføje dit billede og information om dig selv og dine interesser til [din profil](%{base_path}/my/preferences/account). Hvad er én ting, du gerne vil blive spurgt om?

:open_book: **Lær fællesskabet at kende** ved at  [gennemse diskussioner](%{base_path}/top), der allerede finder sted her. Når du finder et indlæg interessant, informativt eller underholdende, brug :heart: for at vise din værdsættelse eller støtte!

:handshake: **Bidrag** ved at kommentere, dele din egen perspektiv, stille spørgsmål eller give feedback i diskussionen. Før du svarer eller starter nye emner, bedes du læse  [Fællesskabsretningslinjerne](%{base_path}/faq).

> Hvis du har brug for hjælp eller har en idé, er du velkommen til at spørge i[#feedback](%{base_path}/c/site-feedback) eller [kontakte administratorerne](%{base_path}/about).

This is just default content - it is recommended to personalize this topic to suit your specific community. There will be more and more specific things you will want to tell your new members about the community, who is for and what they can expect to find and be able to do.

Thanks for the translation! A better way to contribute translations is:

Just to loop back on this - even though the image isn’t used in the latest versions a small fix was added to account for any existing forums that still referenced it. :+1: