Why is Assets topic "permanent" if you can delete it?

So, when you setup Discourse for the first time, even before running the Wizard, there are automatically a few Staff topics.

  1. Terms of Service
  2. FAQ/Guidelines
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. READ ME FIRST: Admin Quick Start Guide
  5. Assets for the site design

You can edit the content, name, and category of these topics, which I think is fine, but I want to focus on the Assets topic and its first sentence.

Why does it say it’s a permanent topic when it can be deleted? The whole idea of “permanent” is something that cannot be moved or removed. While it’s not a huge issue, I think that the “permanent” sentence should be removed, and changed to something like below.

I’ve noticed that the @team has been making numerous commits after the recent Version 1.9 Beta release, so I was thinking that they can look at this and change it in the next commit (either that, or find a way to make this topic actually permanent). This way users who are installing Discourse for the first time will have the updated message (or actually permanent topic) from the start.

Thanks everyone for making Discourse a great place and a wonderful platform!

Sure, I support removing those words. Omit Needless Words! Done.

This is a permanent topic, visible only to staff, is for storing images and files used in the site design. Don’t delete it!


Awesome! Looking forward to seeing that on my next fresh install!