How to lower Trust Level of a complete group.?

By mistake, I allowed many users to TL 3.
I would like to all put them back to TL 1?
How can I do this ?

Probably demoting manually wi be the way forward.

I’m fairly sure that when a group is configured to automatically set a trust level, that trust level is only applied if it raises a user’s trust level. It is not applied if it will lower the user’s trust level.

If it is a small number of users the best approach would be to manually set the user’s trust level from their admin page. If it is a large number of users, you might want to make the change from the Rails console. You would need some way of identifying which users should have their trust level lowered though.


:warning: Make sure to unlock their trust levels afterwards, so that the users are eligible for normal promotion to 2 and 3.


I started manually and it was a pain so I asked the support service of discoursehosting and they did it.
As a side note, it takes sometime to refresh in the “group view”.