How to automatically set a topic as ’muted’ once I post in it

How would I make it so when I post in a topic set that topic to: muted?

It doesn’t appear here, I’ve tried

Please make your topic title reflect the support question you have.

To mute a new topic that you just posted, go to the button at the bottom with the bell icon:

If you are muting an existing topic that you replied to, you can also use the bell icon below the timeline:



And Thank you very much! Not exactly what I was talking about, but whatever

if you’re asking why the option isn’t available in the user preferences drop down in your screenshot, it is because it is generally assumed that if you post in topic, then you will not want it muted and at least want to see the topic appear in topic lists.


You want to make every topic you post in automatically muted? Out of curiosity, could you go into a little more detail about what situation this would be useful in?


Usually when I post in a topic, people proceed to mention me and reply to me a lot, which gets annoying.

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