Mute topic temporarily

I’ve come to realize that I rarely - perhaps never - actually want to mute a topic forever. My main reason for muting a topic is because it got a little bit too noisy for me, but topic noise practically always blows over in a few days/weeks.

So what I want to do is avoid the noise for a while, rather than never hearing from this topic ever again. I wonder if we would be better served with an interface similar to that of most social chat applications today:

I haven’t thought through the UI implications yet so do please contribute to that if you have any ideas.


Yes this is the same line of thinking I have for more comprehensive user muting with post suppression. Strongly time and category (maybe even topic?) boxed.


love this idea. a lot. can it be extended to an individual too? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is what the post directly above yours says.

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