How to Be Notified of New Releases

To later visitors looking for help: You can be notified of new releases by subscribing to the RSS feed:

I’ve come to #support to give a heads-up that I subscribed to #release-notes at the Watching First Post notification level months ago. But I only got my first notification from Discourse today. I’ve missed many notifications I should have received.



I watched (set to tracking) #marketplace for a few months and didn’t miss any topic.


I assumed this issue would be uncommon and difficult to reproduce. I just wanted to make some record and offer a solution. I’m not sure if there are similar #support requests or #bug 's.

Also, I want to point out that I am specifically using “Watching First Post”. Perhaps Tracking works and Watching First Post does not.


As a temporary workaround, I see that #release-notes topics rarely have more than 1-2 posts, so maybe the regular watch or tracking option would work for you on that for now.

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Looking at your preferences @zjpcyo, it seems you don’t have any categories set to Watching First Post?

@moin has correctly pointed out that #release-notes is a tag and not a category, and I can see that is in your Tag Notifications as Watching First Post. :+1:

I’m still not sure why you wouldn’t receive any notifications for it though? I shall investigate further. :face_with_monocle:

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That is because #release-notes is a tag and not a category


I’d like to be notified by e-mail. So I believe that excludes Tracking.

I just want the announcements not the comments. That is why I chose Watching First Post instead of Watching.

As a sidenote, the ?order=created parameter solves the problem of recent comments knocking the topics out of order.

So if I want to peek at a topic list without subscribing, I can use that parameter in the address bar to sort topics by created date.


As a practical matter, #release-notes don’t appear to have that issue. But this can be useful in other cases.

Ex. Manjaro releases category:



I receive emails for releases but I’m set to ‘watching’ rather than ‘watch first’.

The only responses to #release-notes topics are additional notes, so you won’t be bombarded with reply notification emails.


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It looks like the solution is in the split topic. :arrow_up:

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