New Version Notifications

I’d love it if, when a new version of Discourse is released, our Team slack channel was notified. I don’t participate in the day-to-day administration of our Discourse instance, so I sometimes go days, or even weeks without viewing the version info in the Admin panel. My team is responsible for technical maintenance of our Discourse instance.

This could potentially be done via the DiscourseUpdates module + some SiteSetting to input a slack channel, or maybe just a webhook?

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What about RSS?



@Falco that’s not a bad option. My only gripe is that my discourse instance seems to know that I am on version 2.04-stable, and that I need to 2.05 stable, and doesn’t tell me about versions of Discourse I’m not tracking.

Using the feed you linked, I’d get a lot of release information we wouldn’t need, and it’d get potentially ignored due to alert fatigue. In the short term this helps, but I don’t think it quite solves the same problem. The difference is in being told, ‘you should upgrade’, which the Discourse UI does for me, or ‘there’s a new version of something out, and maybe you need to upgrade. Take a look.’

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If you roll on the stable branch, maybe this feed ?


That’s even cleaner. I think this will work for us. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I still think that it’d be a nice feature, and worth consideration for future versions. It’s not necessarily obvious to non-technical (or even technical users, users - I forgot about RSS as an option/didn’t consider that Slack has a built in reader) that there are other options for this sort of notification.

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