How to best handle imported spoilers with blank lines?

I’m migrating a phpBB3 forum, and have a lot of posts using [spoiler] tags. I’ve tired the discourse-spoiler-alert plugin, but it doesn’t detect multi-line spoilers with blank lines. Is there a way to make it do that, or is there a way to transform [spoiler] into [details="Spoiler"]?

I haven’t tried the “ruby-bbcode-to-md” import option yet. I might try that when I test the migration again. Actually, looks like it doesn’t support [spoiler] anyway.

Do you have specific examples? Because [spoiler] works with multilines

And they lived [spoiler] happilly
ever after
[/spoiler] :heart:

And they lived happilly
ever after

Sorry, it’s multi-line with blank lines. Here’s an example of a post with working and non-working spoiler tags: (test server, won’t last forever)

Blank lines inside the spoiler tag work as long as you make sure that the BBCode tags are on new lines.






Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up. I’ve noticed that [code] also won’t work if it isn’t on a line by itself, so I’ll have to rewrite both.


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