Multi-line spoilers don't always work

Hi, we noticed an issue with this plugin on our Discourse instance, where it used to be possible to use spoiler tags like this:

This is unblurred but [spoiler]now this

part is blurred even though it is broken over multiple paragraphs[/spoiler] and now this part is unblurred again.

However, we are finding this no longer works, and this means old posts on our forum aren’t blurred any more, potentially spoiling people for things. We think it might have started with 2.7.0.beta6 (as it looks like the plugin hasn’t been updated in a long time).

We noticed it is possible to blur multiple paragraphs like this:

Not blurred.


Still blurred.

Not blurred again.

… but the issue is users’ old posts, which don’t use this format.

Was this an intentional change or a regression? Are there any plans to restore the original behaviour?

Thanks for your help!