How to change Category's ID?

How do I change the category’s ID (The number at the end of the URL)?

Example: Latest bug topics - Discourse Meta

  • Category URL:
  • Category ID = 1

I am setting up my Discourse community and have created 5 categories that should be in a specific order.

I could specify the display order using the category’s Position on the categories page setting.

But ideally, I want the first category to have ID 1, the second category to have ID 2, etc.

Is there a setting I simply missed?

Thank you for your time :man_bowing:

Welcome, digital potion :slight_smile:

As far as I know, IDs are incremental, automatically generated and can’t be overridden.

There are several ways to order categories. To you, is the ID issue only an aesthetic URL problem?

If it is, I can kind of relate. I spent a little bit of effort initially trying to get my site’s primary categories to have nice, sensible single-digit numbers in an order that made sense to me.


Thank you for your quick response Canapin :man_bowing:

Roger that :ok_hand:

Yes. I was linking the Discourse URLs to my homepage and preferred them to be in a specific order.


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