Way to change From Email Id

Hi, As I have already installed Discourse on my server, and now I wanted to change from email id. See the attached screenshot. Is there any way to change email id?

Thank you in advance!

Just to clarify, this is the credentials used to connect to SMTP. You only need to change this if Discourse is having problems sending emails or you want to change email providers. This isn’t your user email account.

Assuming you still need to change it, you can edit this line in app.yml:

DISCOURSE_SMTP_USER_NAME: test@*******.***

Then rebuild Discourse:

$ sudo ./launcher rebuild app

Alternatively, you can re-run discourse-setup and enter the new username when prompted.

This email id is actually the SMTP username and is not related to the email used as “From” email. That address is actually controlled by another variable in app.yml known as

discourse_docker/samples/standalone.yml at dfcbcf9ac5caea3754b4c40e469f8da0461c33bf · discourse/discourse_docker · GitHub

You can change that value and rebuild.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for quick reply, I have a quick clarification regarding rebuilding. If I proceed with a rebuild, will it impact all the settings, users, and topics, or will it solely modify the email ID? I’m specifically interested in updating the email address without affecting other aspects.

Hi @itsbhanusharma, Upon user registration on the portal, a welcome email is triggered. However, the current email display is set to [test@domainname.com], and I’d like to make a change.

For all the communication email it should show a different email id.

For the “From” address in all the emails sent from discourse, The setting I mentioned above is responsible. Your test@domainname.com SMTP username should be able to send on behalf of <somethingelse>@domainname.com for this to work. This is true by default on ESPs like mailgun. If you’re using some other email service, you might have to do extra config at the email server first.

And rebuild will only change the setting that you modify in app.yml everything else stays the same.


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