How to change the inner content of the banner topic to look something similar to this?

We use Discourse for a community around daily news. To prioritize the top news on the front page we use the global pins.

We’re now looking into the possibility to feature THE top story of the day even more. The banner topic comes into mind, however, we don’t like how it is presented for our use case.

Instead, we just want to show the main image for the topic (e.g. the og:image, if available and created) and the bold title of the topic. That’s it.

What would be the correct (and easiest) way forward to change the output of the inner content in the banner topic to reflect our needs? Any directions are appreciated.

Or any other, easier route to achieve our goal?

I’d try the Homepage Feature Component to achieve that. You’ll just need to set tags with this component to change your content.

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Great, thanks for pointing me to this. Will look into it.