How to change the name of the PWA app for my forum

Hi, I’ve just found out about PWA and it’s absolutely awesome!

May I ask if there’s a possibility to control the created app’s name on Android?
My forum’s name is Unified Integrative Medicine and the name for the app is simply the first word - Unified.

I’d like it to be something else for every user that installs it on their device. Is this configurable somewhere?


Right now it’s sending:

{"name":"Unified Integrative Medicine","short_name":"Unified","description":"A place to discuss Nader Butto's teachings",…

You can set short_title via your /admin/site_settings page and that’ll take effect in the PWA manifest.

If it’s not set it’ll truncate your full title - that’s what you’re seeing.


Worked like a charm. After reinstalling the app it got the new name I’ve set.

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