App name "meta" ambiguous

This icon there on the launcher needs more than just the name “meta”. Because so many things are called “meta” these days. Therefore it should take a tip from its neighbor on the right and use a two line name: “Discourse meta”!
Screenshot_20230215_191256_One UI Home
Yes it is the PWA app.

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To add the word “Discourse” would be a repetition of the (excellent, I might add) logo which is clearly “Discourse”.

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Well the GitHub logo has a GitHub underneath, and the Facebook logo has a Facebook underneath and…

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Then surely we must applaud CDCK for their brevity in this world of clutter?


I think this is because it is not the main site. This forum called Meta and the main site is Discourse which is a product of CDCK.

Github is the main site but for example Messenger is not Facebook Messenger.


Or the Google products are also not add the Google prefix to the app names :arrow_down_small:

Screenshot_20230215_130504 Screenshot_20230215_130526 Screenshot_20230215_130544 Screenshot_20230215_130619


That’s exactly it.

Also a PWA short name max length is 12 chars, so we can’t fit “Discourse Meta” on it :stuck_out_tongue:


You can try “Discourse” and it would fall under 12 characters.

But then still


Well okay, I guess it’s somewhere in there, meta - Google Search .

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Yes, it is. discourse meta - Google Search


That’s what I’m saying, the icon needs a little more information in it. There’s a big empty area in the middle that maybe a big D could get stuffed into…
I mean that Zuckerberg guy has a big f in his. I mean a little f.
Okay never mind. I guess I’ll just get used to it. Thanks.

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this is overapplication of a principle.

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Now, I get it: It is called “Meta” because this is the support forum for all things Discourse, and this is the forum to get support for Discourse issues and questions. This is the support forum for all things Discourse, meaning Meta fits the name. (Going against my reply, because I realized that Meta means a lot and this forum is the support forum)


Yes! It’s the meta site because it’s the Discourse site about Discourse.

It’s literally a meta reference in purest form:

also: if your mobile launcher is good you can just rename it to whatever you want anyways

:heart: for Nova Launcher