How to change the subject line of daily email suggest to recent topic title

Hi Guys,
Few years back I used to use this platform for discussion forum and then I moved to discourse which is a good call. One of the thing that was helpful in the last platform about the daily digest email which has subject line as post title. What’s the parameter for post title that need to be replaced with current site title? Is it like {post_title} or something else ?

The purpose is it helps to increase the open rate than the normal one

Thank you!

You can customize it in Admin -> Customize -> Text Content. Search for user_notifications.digest.subject_template.

The variable %{email_prefix} within that text is either the value of the email_prefix or, if it isn’t configured, the title site setting.


@gerhard I got one more question on this after testing out. Is there a way we could test this setup by doing a preview or sending out a test digest email? (Just trying to make sure if i want to try something else, how can i test)

The best way to test any change before it reaches your users is a staging copy of your site.

I see but isn’t when we make a copy, all the users are already there and even when we send out a email it goes to existing users?

or am missing the point?

Go to /admin/email/preview-digest and send a test mail.


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