How to change who sends the Welcome Message

  • A new user wanted to get the ‘Completed Tutorial’ badge, so I turned on Discobot to allow this.

  • I then noticed that new users weren’t receiving the welcome message I had set up, I checked this by creating a new account.

  • So I turned on this setting under settings > narrative

  • I then set up a new user account to check it’s working and the email I received from Discobot was the classic:

Thanks for joining Huel Forum, and welcome!

I’m only a robot, but our friendly staff are also here to help if you need to reach a person.

For safety reasons, we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you.

We believe in civilized community behavior at all times.

If you’d like to learn more, select below and bookmark this personal message. If you do, there may be a :gift: in your future!

OK great. But the message I had before was personalised, so I went to system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template to change it, but the message is different here:

So I would like to:

  • Change the Welcome Message
  • Set the Welcome Message to come from my own account

I scouted meta.discourse and Google for the answer but couldn’t find specifically what I wanted. I apologise in advance, I’m not that tech savvy, at least compared to most of you! I manage my forum as I’m good with people, not for my tech abilities – so layman’s terms and walk through guides are very welcome!


The first message is split into two parts.
Search for discourse_narrative_bot.new_user_narrative.hello.message and discourse_narrative_bot.new_user_narrative.bookmark.instructions

This can not be done, it has already been discussed for a long time. However, you can customize discobot by changing the username and avatar


Thanks a bunch, that’s the one [read: two]!

Was it possible previously and now isn’t available? I 100% had this set up and from May '17 it stopped, without me knowing clearly :man_facepalming: Perhaps when Discobot was introduced?

Below is a screenshot of my sent folder:

Yes, the change was introduced with narrative bot. Before it was possible to send welcome messages from your admin account, they are now sent by discobot (both with the tutorial and with the quick guide in case the tutorial is disabled).
You should still find discussions about it by doing a search here on Meta


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