How to check which method of registration user have used?

Since I detected a bug (users confirmed by a method other than email are deleted if they are not confirmed), please help me to find out how to check which method users registered?

Need to know who created an account to use google auth, who logged in with the instagram/facebook , and who was using the discord. How can i check this ?


Okay, i can check it under the associated account tab - but how to do it for all users right away ? (e.g. while it export users to csv files ?

Maybe use the data explorer plugin.

Users who authenticate with Google and others so not need to validate their email address. If you see that those users are being deleted then it is a bug and should be fixed. This is highly unlikely.

It’s a feature that accounts that are never validated are deleted.

I suspect that the problem you are looking to solve is not the problem you are experiencing.


Yesterday I deliberately approved the accounts, but today anyway, discourse has removed more users who are properly registered in (using the e-mail - many days have passed, but in the settings is set not to remove it after 1000 days… This is bug…

After all, these users register, confirm their email and wait for activate. And now I can see that they are being deleted (located in the Rejected in tab /review)

How long were they waiting? Do you mean waiting for approval?