Correctly registered users from Discord/Twitter/Face are deleted!

I’ve already written the subject ( Decreasing number of users to activate?) , but because it’s weird I’ll let write it again here,

After all, in order to create a user, it is the user who has to confirm his email address.
Aren’t users who are logged in via discords and/or other methods considered to be unfavorable (to be deleted if no aproved ?) after a certain time? (i.e. as those who have not activated the email ?) I have a list of users that I don’t t aprove with, but for some time now these registrations are being deleted even though they are correct ?

As i wrote "I have set “purge unactivated users grace period days” to 0 and despite this, inactive users (but who have the correct emai) are removed ?

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Its weird - I’m changing the settings
Screenshot from 2020-05-16 12-28-46
, but still it doesn’t work. Discourse removes all unactivated users regardless of whether they are registering through the forum or other outh methods