How to configure approval-based sign-ups

(Taylor) #1

This guide will show you how to set up approval-based user sign-ups and demonstrate the resulting sign-up flow.

Site Settings:

  1. (Optional) Check the login_required site setting if you want to ensure that your community is set to private. This will prevent anonymous users from viewing the content of your forum.

  2. Check the must_approve_users site setting so that users can “apply” to join the community

Signup flow:

  1. User visits the forum and presses the Sign Up button (Screenshot below illustrates login_required enabled).

  1. The user enters their account details and receives an activation e-mail in their inbox. After e-mail activation, they will see the following message on the forum:

    Welcome to Discourse!

    A moderator must manually approve your new account before you can access this forum. You’ll get an email when your account is approved!

    If they attempt to log in at this point they will see a message on the login modal that says:

    Your account hasn’t been approved yet. You will be notified by email when you are ready to log in.

  2. A scheduled job will notify moderators about pending user approvals. You can also keep a check on these approval requests by visiting /admin/users/list/pending

  3. Once approved by a staff member, users get an e-mail that lets them know that they’ve been approved.