How to configure new version update prompt?

How can I configure it to send an email to the administrator when a new version is available for update? Instead of the administrator logging in to the background to check if there are updates?

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It sends an email when a new version is released.

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I don’t seem to have received any similar emails. Do I need to configure it somewhere?

There’s the new version emails admin setting you could check:


The setting should be enabled by default.

What could be the case here is that You’re checking for updates in /admin/upgrade too frequently.

Discourse will only send an email when there is a new “release” is available but updates are available in docker manager whenever a commit hits the tests-passed branch.


Well, yes, but it still might be worth a check to see if it’s been accidentally disabled. :slight_smile:

Also, it’s for the contact_email address, and isn’t configurable to send to a different/specific admin. But hopefully the contact email is still monitored. :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


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