How to configure reply-to address for digest emails?


How do I configure the from or reply-to address for digest emails? I would like to set it to our general support address so if a user accidentally replies to a digest email it doesn’t just go to the void.

The only option I can find is “alternative reply by email addresses” but that is for the reply-by-email feature.

I’m likely missing something obvious, but I can’t find what I’m looking for in any of the settings or old forum posts. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.


I thought that you’re looking for something here: Search results for 'reply by email #howto' - Discourse Meta

But I think that you just want to change the notification_email address.


Thank you! I can’t find that option anywhere in the admin, though. Is this something I have to set some other way?

Did you try visiting Settings, then typing notification into the search box?


I did but I only see the option to change the general “contact email”. This is the paid/hosted version if that makes a difference.

Ah, it might very well be that you cannot configure this setting this way in the hosted environment, maybe @codinghorror can advise your here?

If you require custom reply-to on email, this is an enterprise hosting level feature on our hosting, due to the amount of special configuration it requires.


Ah shoot. We are only on the “Business” one, so this is a dead end. Thanks for clarifying, though!


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