Tracking of Pageviews and Unique Users at Category and Tag Level

(Curtis Kephart) #1

I am curious if you have advice on tracking community health metrics at the category and/or tag level.
For example, I’d love to have a clearer sense of the daily number of pageviews and user visits (both known and anonymous users, and ideally by specific group-members) on topic-threads under each category and tag.

In /admin/dashboard/reports, new topics and new post have reports that can be filtered to the category level, user profile_views can be filtered by group, and there are sitewide metrics on page views and other useful info.

I suspect some of this can be set-up somehow in Google Analytics, but that’s not obvious to me since it’s not obvious how to associate topic urls with tags and categories in google analytics. I also suspect this may be done via the /admin/plugins/explorer, but I haven’t had any success.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


(Dawn Albrecht) #2

Following this topic…


(Jeff Atwood) #3

Do you have any advice here @hawk? It seems like a reasonable question and maybe new dashboard / reports covers this a bit?



It does seem like a reasonable request, yes. At the moment the reports on the dashboard aren’t segment-able but if we can work out a way to do that I think it would be an excellent addition to v2. We’ve also talked about exposing approved Data Explorer queries on the dashboard.

cc @joffreyjaffeux – do you have plans to revisit the dashboard any time soon?

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(Joffrey Jaffeux) #5

Yes, it will be step by step but might come to something close to this. I don‘t want it to become too complex though and it will never be a “combine any segment you want”, there’s sql (and data-explorer) for this. But will probably try to provide this on a per report basis where we think it makes sense.

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This query is specifically about pageviews per category, which I don’t think can be handled with Data Explorer can they?