How to create a specific PM via link

Hey guys, I have created the following link, which lets users PM me with a specific title.

Can I achieve the following?

  • Include spaces, instead of _

  • Have my message automatically tagged with a specific tag


Yes, substitute spaces with %20.

Message conversations can be tagged after creation, AFAIK there’s no tagging UI for the new message dialog, unsure if that’s intentional.


That will help for sure.

Yeah, it’s really annoying though and users often get suspicious when they see an edit.

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Do you really want group requests going to your inbox?

Why not send group requests to a group inbox (doesn’t have to be the same one) to group/filter them that way?

One other trick with messages is that you can prepopulate the body with a template, using %0A in the URL to specify line breaks.

One of the COVID volunteer groups I work with has a request link which generates the PM to a group with preset title and body template. Has been surprisingly effective.


Because we have more than 10 groups, and each user is added accordingly. PMing me really helps, as I am managing the whole situation and tags make it even easier! Otherwise, we would need to create one more group for me, which clogs up the group section more and it’s a great way for trolls to take action.


The group doesn’t have to be visible to anyone else in /g afaik

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I know, we just don’t want to create another group. Having it as it is really helps, we just seek help to make our life easier.

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This is very cool! Something I’ve been looking to implement which is great!

Is there a way to message a group instead of a specific user? Thanks! :slight_smile: