How to Create a #Themes Post with an Install Button

Can someone explain to me how I make a post like the ones in the #themes category, the ones with the install button, how can I make one of these?

[wrap=theme-install-button repoUrl="GITHUB REPO URL" repoName="EXAMPLE"]
Install this theme component


It didn’t work, just the text “Install this theme component” comes out

I would like to know how I can do the same, place the icons, writing and the button at the bottom

If you’re doing this not on Meta, you probably need whatever TC Meta uses for it. (idk what/where that would be either)

If you are doing it on meta, it should work.

Random example #theme-component topic

Top Contributors Sidebar

[wrap=theme-install-button repoUrl="" repoName="Discourse Top Contributors Sidebar"]
Install this theme component


Install this theme component

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