How to create an In-app Knowledge Base with Discourse Docs?

Hello, community,
we are looking for a solution to create an in-app widget with Knowledge Base.

Like this


We want to create a KB using Discourse Docs and then link it with an in-app widget.

Does anyone know of a solution to achieve this please?

Thank you


Hi Petr! Welcome. The first link you shared appears to have a table of contents linking to headings within the page. This is something you can achieve with DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents.

The second screenshot is of search, which Discourse does very wel! Try it out here on meta, by selecting the :mag: in top right corner.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “link it in with an in-app widget”. Can you explain in some more detail?


Hi Tobias,

thank you for your reply.

I found the widget right for Discourse. But we need the widget on our external domain.

We run a SaaS and we want to add instant Help using a floating widget. The user clicks on the widget and the help links /articles are displayed. Like here Embeddables & Web Widgets | Zendesk You can see animation how it should works.

(This is a common way of displaying help in SaaS projects.)

The KnowledgeBase we want to make by Discourse Docs. Like this Docs - Discourse Meta

So we are looking for a solution for the widget that can display relevant results from our Discourse Docs KB.

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