How to create migration files?

(Loic Dachary) #1

I would like to create a new table (to store the graph for vote delegation). Should I create a migration file similar to db/migrate/20120311170118_create_users.rb manually ? Or is it enough to update the == Schema Information at the end of the model file ? I naively tried that and run rake db:migrate but it did not work :wink:

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(OG) #2

No, you need to create migrate file and run it with db:migrate (see ActiveRecord docs )

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Note that if you are developing a plugin, discourse provides a PluginStore to help you avoid migrations, since undoing then when the plugin gets uinstalled is a open problem.

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(Loic Dachary) #4

Thanks, I’m glad I did not miss something :slight_smile:

(Loic Dachary) #5

cool. Is there a plugin I could read to see how it’s used ? I found something on rubydoc.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

Canned replies is recent and does it very clearly:

(OG) #7

OK, thanks… I see …