How to create spoilers in Discourse?

Is it possible to create collapsable spoilers in Discourse by default or is a plugin required?

Do you mean… like this?

If you want the above, you can use:

[spoiler]the spoiler comes here[/spoiler]

If you want specifficaly collapsable spoilers (instead of blur spoilers), you could do this:

some spoiler

spoiler content here

[details="some spoiler"]
spoiler content here

You can achieve those options either by writting them just as I demonstrated above, or by clicking in the gear icon at the right of the other editor options above the text area in which you write stuff.


There is a search function. This is the first entry for spoiler. Discourse Spoiler Alert

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Hmm, yeah… thanks @lucasbasquerotto and @pfaffman - I did do a search first and did find that, however it is not working in our instance of Discourse… I’ll try going back to the proverbial troubleshooting drawing board here and try to figure out WHY it’s not working by default… :weary:

EDIT: I really don’t know what happened or why this happened, but I restarted the app instance and tried it on a fresh new post and it worked this time. Confusing, but it seems to work now.

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