How to customize appearance of discourse embeds?

Hi everyone,

I use the discourse embed feature to surface posts on a non-discourse site. When I have dark mode on the main site enabled, I would like to style the discourse embeds to appear appropriately as well:

Is there a way for me to have the embedded instance inherit the styles from the parent page? I believe it is iframed right now, and that is limiting style sharing.


Another thing is that the code syntax highlighting is also missing. Is there a way to make the embed look more natural with the site it is being displayed in while also retaining syntax highlighting? :slight_smile:

I think the auto-dark embeds has cropped up before if this is any use:

And as another potential helpful thread there are a few CSS pointers here, though I haven’t done it myself:


Thanks so much for the suggestions! I’ll try setting custom CSS via the approach you have described :slight_smile:

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