Options button in the Composer


Can you please structure the html of all Composer buttons in the same way?
The Options BUTTON is the only one inside an additional DIV, which makes it much more difficult to style.

You can see the problem in Meta with Material Design Theme. Look at the last button.


(Daniela) #2

Well, we have some problem even with the default theme

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Hmm good point can we fix this @awesomerobot?

(Kris) #4

Yeah that’s a bit of an odd inconsistency. Fixed via


@awesomerobot, this helped a lot but didn’t solve it. The extra

may still be the problem.

(Kris) #6

Removing the div would be a bit complicated because that button/dropdown is structured like most of our other dropdowns.

I could only reproduce it at certain zoom levels, but I pushed a fix that should help. Just so I can double check: which browser/OS were you seeing this in?


Safari on Mac. This fixes it for me. Thanks Kris.

(Kris) #8

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