How to Customize text another language

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I cannot find what “Created” refers to when I search in “Customize → Text” because there are too many instances of the word.

I want to change the English word “Created” to another language.

What keywords should I search for in “Customize → Text”?

Hi @LoveMCJ :wave: You can use verbose localization to find those text string translation keys:


Can you provide the context of your screenshot, please? I can’t seem to figure out the location.

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I believe this is from FKB Pro - Social theme topic list item author section.

The theme contains Theme Translations where you can translate Created word.

Go to: /admin/customize/themes/
Select the FKB theme and scroll down to Theme Translations


That’s amazing you recognize that from those little screen pics. :grin:


Thank you so much~~~!! :heart_eyes:

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