How to Delete Autobot?

Today I Uninstalled the Autobot Plugin but the Autobot user created by the plugin was not removed.
When I tried to delete it manually, it reported that admins & moderators can’t be deleted. However there is no option to revoke admin in case of autobot.

Any ideas on how to delete the autobot user and all associated posts?

You Decepticon! We Autobots cannot be so easily defeated!


Well, it’s no secret that I’m biased against the apparent dangerous Skynet agent discobot, sorry for the fuss. Also, I’d personally ask the author here:

Also, it struck me that there seems to be no obvious way of uninstalling a plugin.
I mean, if I remove it’s line from app.yml, it wont be there after rebuild. But when I re-add it, all the previous settings and data will be there, so I guess they persist in the database? Is there a way to get rid of this residue?

Now That is exactly my Question! … Removing autobot user itself won’t have been that much of a concern if there were no posts left but when the bot had already spit over 300 redundant posts via RSS, removing seemed the only viable option!

I vaguely remember that if a user has more than [n] posts, he/she cannot be deleted?

But there always is an option in the admin panel to delete all the posts by a user!

You cannot revoke admin/moderator powers from any automatically generated user, it seems. Not form @discobot, not from @system, and apparently not from autobot as well.
And you can’t delete all posts of admin nor moderator.

I have to admit, it is a really impressive disaster.

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Now I desperately want the Plugin dev to introduce some sorts of script to undo this disaster or else I’d have to start from scratch again or rather ask all my moderators to prepare a task force for deleting all the past posts created by the bot!

@vinothkannans I hope You can provide some help regarding it! :pensive:

Okay, using some advanced search techniques and all sorts of IT voodoo i believe I found out how you can revoke admin for the bot…
When you enter your Docker container by ./launcher enter app, you can start Rails console by typing rails c.
Now it seems that autobot creates user with id -3, so if we type this:
User.find(-3).update!(admin: false, moderator: false)
it should un-admin the bot.

Just please, mind that I’m no programmer, and regardless the fact that it worked for me, it’s pure guessing.


You could follow @MakaryGo’s instruction. It will fix your issue.

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Saved a ton of effort!

Thanks :wink:

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I’m glad it worked!
But it’s more a dirty hack than solution to an actuall problem…

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Still that saved a day! I Hope the devs can add some script so that the user is automatically revoked admin upon removal of plugin.