How to delete default-pinned topics in categories


(Arta) #1

Hey guys,

I noticed whenever I create a category or subcategory, there will be a default post which is pinned in that category or subcategory.

How can I delete them?
Is there any way to delete or hide them?

I need to delete all the auto-created posts for some specific sub-categories.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

They host the description of the category that will be used on the category selector, on the new topic composer.


This is what I do in order :

  • Unpin topic
  • Close topic
  • Make Unlisted

The description will work. And unless they have the direct link of the topic, no one will see it.

(Arta) #4


This did it for me.
Do search engines see the content of these pages?

(cpradio) #5

If you unlist it, no, they do not. Unlisted topics are hidden from search engines.

(Arta) #6

Nice and tidy.