How to delete system queries in Data Explorer?

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We don’t find the system queries inside our Data Explorer to be helpful. Can we somehow delete them? Thanks for help!

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I don’t believe so, but I wanted to point out they sort by the ones being run. All my system queries are at the bottom, maybe something you can live with. :slight_smile:


Thanks but unfortunately that doesn’t help at all

Unfortunately we don’t support delete here. We will keep this in mind, I think we can support the ability for you to “soft delete” so particular system queries are hidden. They are all keyed.


Sounds perfect! Looking forward to this feature being released as it will simply get rid of some mess with unused queries in the Data Explorer. Thanks!

You can now “delete” all queries, including system ones. The delete button’s functionality will be same from the user’s perspective, but will only soft delete (hide) queries. There are also rake tasks available if you ever want to:

  • see which queries are hidden
rake data_explorer:list_hidden_queries
  • hide visible queries by ID (one or multiple)
rake data_explorer[id]
rake data_explorer[id1,id2,id3]

rake data_explorer[1]
rake data_explorer[-1,2,-3]
  • unhide hidden queries by ID (one or multiple)
rake data_explorer:unhide_query[id]
rake data_explorer:unhide_query[id1,id2,id3]

rake data_explorer:unhide_query[1]
rake data_explorer:unhide_query[-1,2,-3]
  • hard delete hidden queries by ID (one or multiple)
rake data_explorer:hard_delete[id]
rake data_explorer:hard_delete[id1,id2,id3]

rake data_explorer:hard_delete[1]
rake data_explorer:hard_delete[-1,2-3]

@Konrad_Sopala just letting you know the change will be live on your instance in 10 minutes or so!

:confetti_ball: thanks for the feature @RickyC0626!


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