Data Explorer "Created By" Missing

Just spotted this and I think it may be a bug but thought I’d run it passed you all first.

I created a new query, then after a couple of tweaks chose to delete it, from within the query editor view itself.

Whilst still in this view I then rewrote it and saved it. The summary of queries now shows this;

It would seem if you choose to delete the query whilst in the editor but then go on to create and save, the “Created By” data is lost, presumably deleted from the first saved query but then not added back from the session?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I tested this, very nice find! :ok_hand:

Whenever we “undelete” a query, we lose the created_by, created_at and the last_run_at info that existed earlier. Will have a fix ready soon.


Hey Rishabh,

Great news on the fix and thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


No problem, this should fixed by:

Thanks for reporting @RobMeade :+1:


Fantastic, thank you Rishabh, and you are, of course, very welcome :slight_smile:

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