How to deleting thousands of Private Message?

Our community has several thousand private messages that have been sent between users. Is there a way to completely remove private messages with more than 100 replies from the database (without recovery)?

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Well, I think that this will do what you asked. It will delete any private messages that were not created by a system user or discobot. It will still delete any other private messages, including those from admins.

It’s not tested. I’m not saying that it’s a good idea. I won’t promise that it won’t do something bad.

cd /var/discourse
discourse backup
./launcher enter app
rails s
Topic.where(archetype: 'private_message').where("user_id > 0").destroy_all
discourse enable_restore
discourse restore

If something bad does not happen, you can omit the last two steps. If something bad does happen, you’ll want to copy/paste the most recent backup printed by the discourse restore command to restore the backup.


You can remove all message at once.

rake destroy:private_messages



Nice work, @IAmGav! I swear i looked there and didn’t see.


Thanks Jay,
Running batch delete query directly on the database is so Scary :sweat_smile:

I took a brief look at how this function works. As it turns out, after running it, all private messages will be deleted.

  def destroy_private_messages
    Topic.where(archetype: "private_message").find_each do |pm|
      @io.puts "Destroying #{pm.slug} pm"
      first_post = pm.ordered_posts.first
      @io.puts, first_post).destroy

I think I have to choose the scary way that @pfaffman pointed out to filter messages. or try to define custom rake function and use, first_post).destroy