How to disable all alert banners in discourse


I want to hide all the alert banners displayed on discourse site for both login and logout state.
For ex, we getting this below notifications when admin users logged in,

Likewise, when users freshly sign in first, we may get some banners. Same for logout state also.

So, How to disable all alert banners in discourse through any in-build discourse configuration (or) any custom CSS to hide ?

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I’ll go through each banner starting from the top first and explain what to do, I hope that will make it easy to read through and make the changes.

For the first banner on the notifications, clicking the X button at the far right will disable it.

For the second banner on bootstrap mode, setting 0 for the bootstrap mode min users site setting will disable it. Do note that it is a feature to help you help your users onboard faster in a new community without much posts or activity. So you can leave bootstrap mode on by not changing the setting to 0 to disable, but hide the banner with CSS.

For the third banner, only staff can see it, you can hide that one with CSS, not sure if there is a site setting for it.

To hide banners with CSS or make other CSS changes, this howto can help How to make CSS changes on your site

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