How to disable checkmarks?

My forum users have recently discovered they can make “checkmarks” checkable by others, is there a way to disable it? It’s getting out of hand

oh interesting a mod made the post a wiki, otherwise it wouldn’t have been editable

you can go to /admin/customize/watched_words/action/block and add [] and [x] to the list so it comepletly blocks un-checked and checked, check boxes well still allowing the brakets to be used.

Plus non staff and TL4 shouldn’t be able to check them unless its wiki or they are the author


Alternatively, you can disable the Checklist plugin by toggling off the checklist enabled admin setting:

The Checklist plugin has recently been bundled with core, which is why you may now have the feature if you didn’t previously.


Thank you! I will keep it since it does look useful for staff purposes, but just warn mods not to make posts like this wiki.


Oooh… I understand why it’s appealing, though :smile:


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