How to disable logging IP address?

I successfully run discourse and now I’d like to disable logging users’ IP address.
There are many discussion of it as part of EU GDPR(2018, 2019), but I could not find the concrete solution for it.

I appreciate if someone guides me to find it!

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Hello @codinghorror,
Is there any “How to” for your suggestion on Possible to not log user IP addresses? - #10 by codinghorror?
I see there were many demand on disabling IP logging in 2018 due to EU GDPR, so I expect there is simple solution already for this.

You need ip addresses to fight abuse, so I think that most people have decided that the way that Discourse manages up addresses is not in violation of gdpr. I think that no plugin emerged to do what you ask.

A simple solution is to use an external reverse proxy and don’t configure discourse to use the reverse proxy ip address (which happens by default).