How to disable the passkey feature?


How do I cancel the option to log in with a passkey for the forum users?



Might I ask, why do you want to disable passkeys?

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For my users, they would find it confusing because normally they just log in using username and password.

I suppose you could CSS hide it in a theme component:

There doesn’t seem to be a site setting for it, at least not visibly.

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Thanks that worked.

But that will make the login window a little bit visually not good.

I would be grateful if it is possible to have a setting that disables passkey and only allows logging in only using username and password.

I remember before a certain upgrade there was no passkey. It just suddenly appeared after an upgrade.


This CSS tweak should work, assuming you never add google logins or similar:

.login-right-side {
    display: none;

If self hosted, to disable passkeys:

launcher enter app
rails c
SiteSetting.enable_passkeys = false

if hosted, contact CDCK (or whoever is hosting your forum)

Passkey setup here:


I just want to add a small note about this. I completely understand how you are feeling here re: users getting confused.

That said, we (and you as the site admin for your instance) have a bit of a role to play here. We all know passwords aren’t perfect, people are used to them yes, but they often forget them, have a hard time coming up with safe passwords, tend to reuse them etc. One way to get people to a better place for their own security is to promote passkeys wherever we can. Yes, at first, it is going to be confusing for non-technical users. But the more they see passkeys in the tools they use the more likely they are to try them. And once they (hopefully) get past that first hurdle, they might end up liking and using passkeys, driving up adoption and eventually they’ll become as familiar as password. And… safer!

That’s the reasoning anyway behind making this a default ON feature and hiding the site setting. The web industry at large is supporting passkeys and we’re doing a small part to promote their use. (That’s my 5-second pitch for “leave this setting enabled, please and help your users learn to use passkeys”.)


But they don’t have to use it if they don’t want to?


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