How to disallow deletion of new users?


Recently one of our moderators accidentally deleted a user whose post was flagged in the moderation queue by the system. Unfortunately, it does not seem like there is a feature to undo the deletion in the web interface. To try to avoid this happening again, we set delete user max post age to 0:


However, I am still able to delete a user via the moderation review queue. Is there a way to disallow deletion of users, or a way to undo the deletion via the web interface?

Ryan Mulligan

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It’s not really possible to delete established users without quite a lot of effort, so I’m not clear what you’re referring to.

Do you mean deleting a new user? That’s a very different thing with very different rules around it (because spammers).


Yes, the user we accidentally deleted was a new, completely legitimate user.

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New users are always on the verge of deletion, because spammers. There’s no way to ‘fix’ that, I’m afraid.


I don’t really know how the deletion process works right now, but wouldn’t it be possible to add a confirmation pop-up that clearly states that the user will be deleted and it’s a permanent action?

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That is already how it works. This topic is about adding additional layers on top of that.


This sounds more like a training issue and someone being asleep at the wheel than anything technical.

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