At the review post, the user gets deleted immediately

Scenario: Admin is prompted to review a post. Admin decides to discard post, but accidentally the delete user option gets clicked/tapped. The user immediately gets deleted by mistake.

I feel like there should be a confirmation popup like Are you sure you want to delete [user name]. This action is permanent. As deleting a user is a significant step, it should be warned in my opinion.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 5.00.53 pm


I agree. Specially with touch screen bad aiming is a real issue and therefore an user must be protected against his/hers own action.


Totally agree - I’ve been caught out with this, and it is both irreversible and embarrasing!


Can we please bump this? As someone who has accidentally deleted probably 10 users like this while using touchpad, a confirm before such destructible action would be great.