How to display a very tall image properly?

Assume I want to upload image like

Even if click on the image it’s hard to tell the content, is there any way to make it zoom to fit the screen width?

Im running a fan forum so I disabled the right click action in order to prevent downloading images, so they will be unable to view image in new tab as well.

You can check the max image height setting and put the max value (2000000000), I believe it will fix this when you rebuild the html of the post

If you don’t have lightbox, you might try some css, something like this might work:

#reply-control .d-editor-preview img:not(.thumbnail):not(.ytp-thumbnail-image), .cooked img:not(.thumbnail):not(.ytp-thumbnail-image) {
    max-width: 670px;
    max-height: 2000000px;
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