Unable to manually change size for an image thumbnail?

I have a 722x1024 image. When I uploaded it, the markdown had a smaller size, making the text in the image too small to read easily. I tried manually changing the size in the markdown but it has no effect.

When you upload a large image to a post it’s converted into a smaller thumbnail (this helps the topic load faster, and also prevents the image from overflowing the post area). You can click the image once it’s posted to view it larger or to download the full-size image.

By default, the thumbnail image in posts is restricted to these dimensions:

    max-width: 690px;
    max-height: 500px;

Since your image is taller than it is wide, it was restricted by its height and resized proportionately to 253x500.

In Admin > Settings these settings can be overridden… the settings are named max image width and max image height. Overriding the max-height is fairly safe, but I’d avoid overriding the max-width, as the image would likely be wider than the post area and get cut off.

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I have an issue related to this.

Earlier we used a different “max-width” for our images and now we use “690px”, but the old images are not reverting back to 690px now, is this a common issue or do we have any fix for this?

You can see the images here for example:

If you click the wrench icon below a post containing images that need to be resized and select the “Rebuild HTML” option I believe it should resize them.

If you have a lot of posts you need to do this to, I think you could rebake all posts to correct it.

If you continue having problems or need additional help, you should open a new topic.