How to display all matched replies in search results?

I’m looking into using discourse for a project, but all examples I’ve seen only display one result per matched topic (though it appears to quote text from replies if the match comes later in the thread). Conversely, most forums that I’ve ever used allow you to return results either as Topics or Replies. Is this possible?

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Yeah the results are Post level. Not Topic level. And indeed it may suppress multiple entries per single Topic.

If your search criteria includes a specific Topic, though, it will show multiple entries potentially for that Topic.

It will return posts from a single Topic with the addition of the right parameter, e.g.:

If you flip the search results into ‘most liked’ it seems to expand the list a bit, but I don’t know how useful that is to you?

Thanks for the quick responses!

Yeah, I’m really looking to get ALL results at the reply-level, like most forums are able to do. Here’s a screenshot of one such forum, where it returns all replies that contain “zotero”.

I suppose a related discussion is why Discourse has chosen to just return one result per topic? Is the idea to reduce clutter as much as possible? And, if so, is it considered that one result per matched topic is sufficient - people can then do a search/browse within any specific topic?