How to display user email for all registered members

Dear Discourse Community,

I am trying to give a public access to all user email addresses.
To be more precise, I would like that every registered member (not only admins) would have an access to a user email address from its member card.
In other words, every member could read an other member email addess from the link :{user}/summary

I tried to modify the file user.hbs, but it seems that only admins have an access to email addresses data.
Is there a way to open the data not only for admins ?

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Hey Richard,

The easiest way is to setup an custom field for that.


Searching the check_emails and can_check_emails? method in source then override it.

But make emails address publicly really a good idea?


When you update the source, then the edits are gone. not an good idea.

Yes it is. :sweat_smile:I subconsciously think guys will implement it by a plugin.


Just don’t make them fully public or they will leak to all the crawlers and goodness knows who else!

Thank you all for your help !
Best solution is indeed to create a custom field, thank you Gavin. :wink:

Here is the reason why I need to display email addresses for every members :
The Discourse forum on which I’m working is designed for my school network.
The goal is to create a community for graduates and non-graduates people.
Thus, displaying email addresses is a good way to share useful information.

Hawn -> just because I’m too curious. How could I have modified the file user_guardian.rb in which the method can_check_emails is stored ?

I know it is possible to modify templates such as .hbs files with plugin-outlet.
But it seems the following script is only designed for template, and not for .rb files :

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="/connectors/PLUGIN-OUTLET-NAME/UNIQUE-NAME">


Many thanks,


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Dear Robert,

I don’t want to make them public, but only visible for members. :wink:

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Continute reading more plugins developing related topic you may easy implement it.

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