Mailing list mode and email addresses

Hi all - I am struggling with something and not immediately finding a post about it here on meta. I have a community I am setting up where everyone has mailing list mode turned on by default. They’d like to be able to see each other’s email addresses in the emails, like a mailing list or a google group, so they can reply directly to each other. Is there not a setting for this somewhere?

Also, can someone please remind me if there is a reason to use a different email address for the notification email and the reply-by-email address?


Emails are protected, so that’s not possible. There was some discussion about adding a “PM this user” option to the emails in another topic, but direct discovery and display of other people’s emails? That’d be a massive privacy breach.

Users can put their preferred public email as their name, right? Wouldn’t this do the trick?

My plugin, which is referenced above, can be found here.

It does what you’re asking and exposes the email address of the sender as well as making the thread the CC, which allows “reply all” functionality.

It is an imperfect system, but it has been working for our group as a replacement for GNU/Mailman


I get the underlying desire here to be able to simply rip out mailman in some places and put Discourse exposing all emails to everyone like they are on mailman.

It simplifies some modes of communications. It introduces other problems as well.

I am not sure if we will end up ever shipping a “your email address is completely public” mode for Discourse.