How to edit plugins code?

(Sir Reyowski) #1


I’ve installed this plugin with this tutorial and I want to edit it because this plugin is in english and my forum is in french.

Where the plugins files are located?


(Régis Hanol) #2

It’s best to do a PR with your new locale on the repository :wink:

(Sir Reyowski) #3

EDIT: Found what PR mean.

Yes, I will probably contribute, but I need to access to the code to make it work like I want, like, ban other sorts of login and only use this plugin to log in my Discourse

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Just disable local logins in the Discourse settings.

(Sir Reyowski) #5

Didn’t think of that… Thanks a lot!

I will also like to add more features, like auto update of profile pics and usernames to this plugin (and even contribute to the original plugin, but use it and test it directly in my forum, without the validation of the author).

(Christoph) #6

Since you’ve installed the plugin, you already know where the repository with the code is (here). To modify it, you fork that repository (you will need a github account). The forked repository is yours so you can edit away. When you’re done, you create a PR for the modified/added code.

(Sir Reyowski) #7


So, logically, when I install plugins on my Discourse, they are not stored in my VPS?


The build will pull a copy down to your instance, so yes they are stored, and you will need to keep them up-to-date on the /admin/upgrade screen.

Christoph’s suggestion is a good one. Get a GitHub account, fork the plugin you like, create additional language text and once completely happy, submit a pull request to add it to the original project.

(Sir Reyowski) #9


Thanks for the advice!