How to edit post with API without bumping topic?

I’ve searched the forum, but only found topics related to replies. None of them mentioned edits or the API.

I use one topic as a status update for a repository action that happens every 30 minutes. I’m updating the post (editing the first and only post within that topic) via the API.
Unfortunately the topic is thus bumped every 30 minutes. This is rather annoying. Is there any way I can update/edit a post (via API) without bumping the topic?


You can reset the bump date manually. To see how to do it from the API, you can reverse engineer it. Looks like this should work:

PUT /t/{topic-id}/reset-bump-date

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Thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid this makes no sense. As soon as I edit the post it has already been bumped. So I am sorry, but I don’t understand how this would help me.

Do I reset the bump date once and all consecutive edits won’t bump the topic? The explanation in the link is rather vague. When do I reset the bump date? Before? After? If the latter, I still don’t understand. At that time the topc already got bumped.

Edit the post. Go to your latest- it’s bumped (annoying). Now reset the bump date. Go to your latest- it’s no longer at the top.


Maybe you want to mute the topic or put it in a category that isn’t in /latest?

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So basically what I want is not possible.

Ok, I have given up on using Discourse for a status page.

Here are my comments to previous replies:

Ok, so it’s bumped anyway. Not a solution. Not even a workaround. Sorry.

How do I mute the topic for everyone? Right, not possible.
Putting it in a category that isn’t in /latest is not a usable workaround. Also, it would still bump within its category, just not in /latest, wouldn’t it?

I’m grateful for your answers, but unfortunately the real answer is: There is no way to do that. It is not possible.

No mattter, I will use something other than Discourse for the status update page.


You could hide the topic. You could put the topic in a category that is default muted. You could hide it completely and then add it …somewhere… with a theme component.

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I have already unlisted it, but it still bumps for admins.

Either way, it should be pinned in a certain category but not bumped whatsoever. But as I have already found out… it’s just not possible. Trying to find workarounds that require a compromise are not very useful to me. I’m ok with not using Discourse for such a use-case. It was just not built for this. That’s ok.

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Can’t you use a second API call to reset the bump date immediately after updating the topic?

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We have built several plugins for Enterprise customers that poll their preexisting status page and place a banner on the Discourse site to notify users of outages.

Getting a similar plugin that works with a common service like onto our hosting plans seems like a viable path forward.


Not really. Unless you find a way to recall RSS feeds.

I asked: How do I edit a post via API without bumping the topic. There’s only one valid answer: You can’t.

Unless we go down the buts-and-ifs road… Please note that I mentioned that I’m ok with the fact that it is not possible.

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So you just…poll something and if there’s news then you stick it in, say, a custom site setting, and add it to the serializer and stick it in somewhere with a plugin outlet?

Something like that?

EDIT: Oh, it’s so much easier than that. I’m still programming in the 1990s.


Yeah - I failed to realize that one of the plugins to do this is already public, though I’m not sure I like the visual design.